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Workbenches for every occasion and all environments

Motorized, manual, or mobile? In our assortment, you will find workbenches for all kinds of need and challenges. For some companies, a motorized workbench is crucial to speed up the flow, while others have higher demands on stability or mobility. In addition to plain tables, we also have complete packages carefully selected by our design engineers based on previous demands and needs. Which table will be your perfect match?
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A box with bright thoughts

Yellow + help = yelp. The core to our concept WFI Yelp that can be described as that *little extra* between our actual product and you as a customer. In this case, a smart box that contains everything you need to assemble your workbenches from us. Tools that contribute to simplicity. For some tables, the small yellow box is included in the package, otherwise you can order it from the link below. We are with you all the way, from order and delivery to installation.
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Fredrik, product manager at WFI: ”Gnosjöandan is a strong force that contributes to our short time intervals from idea to product”

Fredrik Jönsson started his journey at WFI AB in April 2020, already then with almost 20 years of experience with store interior and furnishing. Beyond lots of competence regarding the products as such, he also had things like warehouse management, purchasing, and leadership in his baggage, thanks to varied titles over the years. Today, he works as a product manager with an overall responsibility for range and assortment – where he describes the countryside around WFI as a contributing factor to the efficient development of new products.
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Customizable shelf system with smart functions

Modern warehouses and industries require high-quality storage solutions – to be able to optimize the space as well as streamline the flow. That is exactly why we have developed a shelf system that makes it easy to create a system adapted to each specific workplace. So, what makes it unique? The main advantage with our shelf system is the possibility of integrating a workbench into the system. And of course, the simplicity. When you put together your own solution, you always start from scratch with our start section, and then add more sections, a table, and the accessories that you need to streamline your flow. There are no limits for the size of the system, let it grow along with your business!
Read more about the shelf system and get going here!

Sturdy and complete workbench for assembly and workshop work

We welcome a new type of complete workbench to our range! A powerful, stable, and simple workbench for lots of different areas of use. Thanks to the solid table top of 40 mm and its load capacity of 500 kg, the table fits perfectly for everything from crafts and carpentry to assembly and workshop work. The workbench is equipped with a lower shelf and perforated panel in the back, which creates a good storage solution for tools and other gear. A good, and affordable, all-round table for workplaces, industries, and workshops!
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We are expanding our popular W200 table series of motorized workbenches!

Just in time for summer, we are launching eight completely new variants of our W200 table! The launch consists of two plain tables, two with superstructure, and four complete packages. Here we have a really good motorized “intermediate table” that is best suited for easier work like assembly and packing. All workbenches in this series have a load capacity of 200 kg distributed weight and comes in our new fresh colours. Perfect for the logistics flow, a neater workshop, or the packing station.
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Our standard range changes colour!

New colours, updated design, and improved function. During the past year, our products have gone through a facelift, as we have renewed both appearance and the ease of use. The most distinctive change is that our entire standard range changes colour to three new shades. A sophisticated blue colour and two new fresh shades of grey. These will from now on take place as standard, and in the meantime our old colours will be phased out. On September 1, the outdated colours will disappear from our standard range – time for a refresh!
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Irene Melin, inhouse sales and projects at WFI, was the third person to join the business in 2005

When WFI was founded in 2004, the team consisted of Johan and Henrik. Only six months later, on January 1, 2005, Irene Melin became the third person to join the company. And the rest is history. Since then, she has been involved in most things related to the business and thus possesses incredible competence within everything from product range to company structure. Over time, her area of responsibility has become narrower, and her role has evolved from multi-tasker to inhouse sales with focus on projects. But despite that, the 17-year-old history speaks for itself – if there is anyone who knows WFI, it is Irene.
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New table trolley from WFI, tested in a warehouse environment at Vestbo Emballage

We welcome a new and flexible product in our range – the table trolley! A versatile and user-friendly shelf trolley that is just as suitable for packing and picking at the warehouse, as a storage space at the office. It can also be supplemented with a bunch of smart accessories such as drawers, document holders, and dividers. Prior to the launch, Vestbo Emballage in Gnosjö has tested the trolley at their warehouse, where lots of packaging are picked and packed every day.
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Smart and heavy tool storage for demanding environments like workshops and industries

Do you feel the need to update your storage solution to optimize both space and efficiency? When designing a modern industrial workplace, there are many aspects to consider and strive for. The workplace should be planned and create opportunities for higher safety, better ergonomics, and increased profitability. In our range at WFI, you will find several flexible solutions to achieve this. The latest addition is our powerful compact compartment that creates a smart and flexible storage space for tools and other gear. The perfect fit for the industrial workplace!
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Build smarter flows with the right accessories

Say hello to our accessory guide! We have produced an overview of our accessories for workbenches, so that you can create smarter flows. There are opportunities to build both under and over the table – and we are sure that we have solutions that can streamline your business. The guide takes you through our range of accessories, from table tops to what can be mounted over and under the table. Finally, we list various options for storage and ergonomic functions to complement the workstation with. Try it out!
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Questions about our warehouse? Talk to the WFI-veteran Pontus who has worked on the floor for about 16 years!

WFI AB had existed for about a year when Pontus Bodevind came into the picture – something that today is almost 16 years ago. From day one, he has worked out in the warehouse and as the premises expanded, his areas of responsibility did too. After a couple of years, he stepped into the role as warehouse manager and has since then played a significant part in creating a functioning warehouse system. The articles have increased and the warehouse has grown, but Pontus remains.
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ESD-secure your workplace with products from WFI!

In industry, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that ESD-sensitive products are handled in a secured environment. This applies not only in the electronics industry, but also in other industries and technical environments, as the share of electronics also increases in other products. With the help of the right equipment, it is possible to avoid permanent and latent damage that can be caused by a lack of ESD-security. That is exactly why we offer a complete assortment of workbenches, accessories, and equpiment for ESD-workplaces – products that makes you work smarter, and safer.
Read more about ESD and explore our range here!

Work smarter with the right workbench

We want to make it easier for others to work smarter. Therefore, we have produced an overview of our motorized workbenches, so that you can choose the right table based on your needs. Simply a table guide! Smart huh? The guide takes you through all our tables in order of size – from the most flexible to the heaviest. You get a simple overview of load capacity, standard designs, and mounting possibilities. To make it even easier, we have also developed an accessory guide, with tips on how to build smarter flows. Try it yourself!
Read and download our table guide!

Lotta, inhouse sales at WFI: “I grew up with the saying customer focus constantly present”

Lotta Carlsson started her journey at WFI AB in October 2012, and soon to be ten years later she still thrives just as good at the office in Gnosjö. Over the years, she has changed work tasks internally and gone from being a buyer to becoming an inhouse salesperson with the customer in focus. Not entirely unfounded, given that her childhood was marked by the family-run grocery store that was inherited for several generations. Where Lotta herself stood as one of the owners for about ten years. Experience and competence that makes her a brilliant fit for the role she has today – and we are so happy to be able to celebrate ten-year anniversary together this year!
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Powerful workbench with extensive stroke and four pillars for extra stability

Do you need to equip or complement your workplace with a really stable worktable? Now, we are finally launching our 4-pillar workbench – a powerful construction created for occasions with high demands on stability. The table is primarily designed to suit work that requires a robust and solid work surface, such as assembling, inspection, or measuring. Initially, we are launching the table in three variants: a simple worktable without accessories and two ready-made packages with complete extensions.
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Simon, constructor at WFI: ”The dream would be to climb up a mountain and throw yourself straight over the cliff”

The interest in speed, high altitudes, and adrenaline has always been there. From being a motocross driver from a young age to currently spend time on skydiving, climbing, and building his own drifting car. Among others. Simon Jacobsson loves to constantly push himself and his interests to the next level, so even in his professional life where he has gone from being a welder to becoming a self-taught 3D designer. Since January 10, 2022, he is employed as a constructor and product developer at WFI AB – with focus on development, innovation, and creativity.
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Invest in a safe chemical cabinet or fireproof cabinet from WFI!

Do you manage flammable goods or environmentally hazardous waste at your workplace? Then proper storage is key to protect the environment – both for your employees and other materials. Which type of storage solution you need depends on what you plan to store, what material and in what quantity, as well as how your escape routes look like. At WFI, you will find everything from chemical cabinets and fire insulated cabinets to outside cabinets and fire cabinets. Furthermore, in multiple sizes and variants so that you can secure your storage in the best possible way. Read our guide about the differences or contact us directly for guidance!
Read our guide here!

Ann-Sofi, purchaser at WFI, about her driving force and the joy of building relationships

About five years ago, Ann-Sofi (Fia) Svensson started her journey and career at WFI AB, then as a part of inside sales. Only six months later, the organization realized that her qualities and characteristics matched the role of a buyer – fearless, curious, and relationship driven. Without any experience, Ann-Sofi stepped into a completely new position that came to suit her very well. Five years later she enjoys her work just as much, above all because she gets to meet new people and develop herself all the time.
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Lifting columns allow each operator to work smart and ergonomically

Our lifting columns are stable, silent and maintenance-free. They can be integrated into different solution types and they can be used for benches, fixtures or other types of workstations. The areas of use can be further increased by combining with our solutions for turning, tilting or rotation.
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