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Why accessory guide?

We want to make it easier for others to work smarter. Therefore, we have produced an overview of our accessories for workbenches, so that you can create smarter flows. There are opportunities to build both under and over the table – and we are sure that we have solutions that can streamline your business. Try it out!
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Which table top for which work?

Different table tops are suitable for different types of work. The vinyl worktop works best for packing and assembly work. A laminate board, table top in oil-hardened board or oak parquet is suitable for simple assembly and workshop work. A steel plate is better suited for heavier workshop work such as grinding and welding. Finally, we also have table tops in polyethylene that are UV- and scratch resistant. These are approved for contact with food, cold-resistant, and resistant to a number of chemicals.
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Suspension, superstructure, and lighting

Build your own complete system with accessories for suspension and superstructure. In our range, you will find perforated uprights, frames for uprights, c-rails, and superstructure kits. In addition, we have a complete range of lighting for the workplace.
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Perforated panels

With our perforated panels you can hang your tools easily, while still having everything within reach. All panels are powder coated and made of 1,5 mm sheet steel. We have everything from perforated tool panels and suspension beams to perforated back panels and panels painted in whiteboard colour.
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Shelves and dividers

Organize at height with shelves, packing table shelves, and backlists! We have multiple variants in several sizes and colors, all are mounted on perforated uprights in a system. In our range, we have shelves with or without raised edges, wire shelves, and wire baskets. As accessories, we have smart dividers in different sizes that are perfect for structure.
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Flexible arms

Do you need to increase the flexibility and improve your ergonomic position by the workstation? Then, we recommend the use of flexible arms! To complement your flexible arm according to your needs, you can mount different extensions. We have everything from keyboard holders, perforated panels, and cassette boxes to document holders, laptop shelves, and tablet holders.
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Drawer units and interior

Create storage space under the table with a drawer unit! In our range you will find different types with varying load capacity and number of boxes. All have ball bearing expansions with 100% pull-out. As accessories, we have drawer unit interiors in different combinations and sizes for all storage needs.
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Make use of the space under the table with lower shelves. These fit our motorized workbenches and are best complemented with suspension brackets and wire dividers. The perfect space for printers and packaging.
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H-frame legs

A selection of our leg stands for workbenches. Most are available in several variants and sizes. We offer, for example, leg stands for workbenches LD or HD, as well as wheel stands for a more flexible workplace solution. Varying load capacity.
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Plastic bins

Mount the plastic bins on a suspension rail or place them on shelves. To sort materials and small parts, it can be smart to use bins in different colors. The bins can be stacked on top of each other while the opening in the front makes the materials visible and easily accessible. Our standard plastic bins have a volume of 4 liters and are available in different colors. The bins are stable and made of polypropylene, a material that can withstand both chemicals and oils.
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Ergonomic accessories

We have a wide range of ergonomic and smart accessories for the workstation. Innovatively developed so that you can work flexible with the right functions within good reach. In our range you will find, for example, trash cans, label holders, storage cabinets, and holders for tape handles.
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Missed our table guide?

We have produced an overview of our motorized workbenches, so that you can choose the right table based on your needs. Simply a table guide! Smart huh? The guide takes you through all our tables in order of size – from the most flexible to the heaviest.
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