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Efficient workplace solutions for industry and warehouses

WFI develops and sells workplace solutions that improve the flow and success of companies. By providing a concept of workstation solutions with a focus on industrial and warehouse benches, we help companies create more efficient flows, pack more packages and handle more goods. Simply work smarter!


A box with bright thoughts

Yellow + help = yelp. The core to our concept WFI Yelp that can be described as that *little extra* between our actual product and you as a customer. In this case, a smart box that contains everything you need to assemble your workbenches from us. Tools that contribute to simplicity. For some tables, the small yellow box is included in the package, otherwise you can order it from the link below. We are with you all the way, from order and delivery to installation.
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To facilitate your choice of workstation, we have an online configurator where you can easily build your own workbench, Packing Bench or Multi workstation. What is most important for your business, what requirements do you put on comfort and flexibility? In the guide you can easily switch between our different table models. You can add drawer units, suspensions and accessories and move them around in real time. Finally, you can get a summary of all products included in the configuration and send a request to us or too one of our dealers.
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Choose the right table based on your needs with our table guide! The guide takes you through all our tables in order of size – from the most flexible to the heaviest.

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Choose the right accessories to your workbench! There are opportunities to build both under and over the table – and we are sure that we have solutions that can streamline your business. Try it out!

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Complete pit charger stands for workplaces and industries

Introducing a new type of product category in our range of safety: pit charger stands! An assortment of complete stations and accessories that makes it easy to create a space for charging and important safety equipment. Perfect for workplaces and industries who wants to improve both their efficiency and safety.
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Goran Seckovic, responsible for incoming deliveries: “Your colleagues become like a family”

When Goran Seckovic came from Montenegro to Sweden, it did not take long before he encountered WFI AB. Something that today is about 15 years ago. During all these years, he has worked in the warehouse, driven around different pallets, and above all, been a given part of the WFI family. Since about six years, he has been responsible for the company’s incoming deliveries – and describes the team as the most vital part for all the years that have passed.
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We are expanding our popular W200 table series of motorized workbenches!

Just in time for summer, we are launching eight completely new variants of our W200 table! The launch consists of two plain tables, two with superstructure, and four complete packages. Here we have a really good motorized “intermediate table” that is best suited for easier work like assembly and packing. All workbenches in this series have a load capacity of 200 kg distributed weight and comes in our new fresh colours. Perfect for the logistics flow, a neater workshop, or the packing station.
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Flexible pull-out lower shelf for motorized workbenches

Make use of the storage space under your workbench with our new lower shelf! A dynamic and flexible construction forms the base for four complete variants with different combinations. All consists of consoles that are mounted in the frame under the table and pull-out shelves with expansions. The shelves can also be supplemented with drawer fronts to create another type of storage – smart and easy.
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FIFO trolley for efficient industrial flows

We are expanding our range of smart, flexible, and stable trolleys with a FIFO trolley! The trolley is based on the same frame as our larger cardboard trolleys, but instead of shelves, it is equipped with a flow rack system built on roller strips. According to the FIFO model, you simply fill the trolley with bins from the back and pick the material from the front. The same roller strips can also be reversed to create a return path where the empty bins go back. Perfect for industrial flows with a lot of small parts or other packaging!
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Product developer and designer Charlie Styrbjörn gives his thoughts about the project

This is how our new workstation line was created

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