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Efficient workplace solutions for industry and warehouses

WFI develops and sells workplace solutions that improve the flow and success of companies. By providing a concept of workstation solutions with a focus on industrial and warehouse benches, we help companies create more efficient flows, pack more packages and handle more goods. Simply work smarter!

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Creating the workplaces of the future with a holistic ergonomic approach

Our entire range of workplace solutions is based on an ergonomic idea, with the goal to create complete workstations with every detail required. Each and every individual should be able to work in a flexible flow – with a work surface in the right height, tools easily accessible, qualitative lighting, and relieving seating areas and surfaces. Here we show a selection of products from each category to inspire to a holistic ergonomic approach to future workplaces.
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Compact dimmable and tiltable workplace lighting (LED)

We welcome spring by expanding our assortment of workplace lighting! Our new lighting is a compact variant that is mounted above or on the side of the workbench. The LED luminaire creates a pleasant light over the work surface and is also dimmable, the brightness is easily adjusted with a rotatable button on the side. Mounted with an angle bracket and can thus be tilted in different positions to avoid reflections or blinding light. Suitable for assembly work.
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Watch our livestream with focus on ergonomics!

Check out our first livestreamed product launch! Here you will meet our product manager Fredrik and digital marketer Sanna, showcasing our latest ergonomic product innovations. During the livestream, we discuss ergonomics across five categories: height adjustable, smart accessories, sit & stand, lighting, and sound dampening. You will also receive tips and expert knowledge on the theme from physiotherapist Fanny. Click play to explore our new range!
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New complete workshop cabinets with extendable panels

Our range of complete workshop cabinets is expanding! We are adding two new variants (complete G and complete H), which are both supplemented with our new accessory – an extendable perforated panel. Perfect for compact and powerful tool suspension in a lockable space. The extendable panel has a load capacity of 50 kg/panel and is made in our standard perforation that fits all our suspension hooks. Workshop cabinet complete H also includes five shelves. Total load capacity is 500 kg.
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One of the most important things for us was the ability to raise and lower the workstations. In many of our cells, the operator must shift between a standing and sitting position at each rotation. Therefore, that feature was a key requirement from our side. The tables that we have implemented together with WFI are easy to adjust, which has increased both ergonomics and flexibility.

Malin Sundqvist, Lean Leader 3M
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Filippa, Financial Manager: "It will be exciting to take on this new challenge at a company like WFI"

About two months ago, on March 25, team WFI welcomed a new addition to the team, Filippa Ingelsten. Filippa comes most recently from the auditing industry where she has worked for the past eight years and is now moving from the accounting side to the role as financial manager. A new step in her career that she describes as both challenging and exciting.
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