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Efficient workplace solutions for industry and warehouses

WFI develops and sells workplace solutions that improve the flow and success of companies. By providing a concept of workstation solutions with a focus on industrial and warehouse benches, we help companies create more efficient flows, pack more packages and handle more goods. Simply work smarter!

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To facilitate your choice of workstation, we have an online configurator where you can easily build your own workbench, Packing Bench or Multi workstation. What is most important for your business, what requirements do you put on comfort and flexibility? In the guide you can easily switch between our different table models. You can add drawer units, suspensions and accessories and move them around in real time. Finally, you can get a summary of all products included in the configuration and send a request to us or too one of our dealers.
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Choose the right table based on your needs with our table guide! The guide takes you through all our tables in order of size – from the most flexible to the heaviest.

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Choose the right accessories to your workbench! There are opportunities to build both under and over the table – and we are sure that we have solutions that can streamline your business. Try it out!

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We are expanding our popular W200 table series of motorized workbenches!

Just in time for summer, we are launching eight completely new variants of our W200 table! The launch consists of two plain tables, two with superstructure, and four complete packages. Here we have a really good motorized “intermediate table” that is best suited for easier work like assembly and packing. All workbenches in this series have a load capacity of 200 kg distributed weight and comes in our new fresh colours. Perfect for the logistics flow, a neater workshop, or the packing station.
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Irene Melin, inhouse sales and projects at WFI, was the third person to join the business in 2005

When WFI was founded in 2004, the team consisted of Johan and Henrik. Only six months later, on January 1, 2005, Irene Melin became the third person to join the company. And the rest is history. Since then, she has been involved in most things related to the business and thus possesses incredible competence within everything from product range to company structure. Over time, her area of responsibility has become narrower, and her role has evolved from multi-tasker to inhouse sales with focus on projects. But despite that, the 17-year-old history speaks for itself – if there is anyone who knows WFI, it is Irene.
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Our standard range changes colour!

New colours, updated design, and improved function. During the past year, our products have gone through a facelift, as we have renewed both appearance and the ease of use. The most distinctive change is that our entire standard range changes colour to three new shades. A sophisticated blue colour and two new fresh shades of grey. These will from now on take place as standard, and in the meantime our old colours will be phased out. On September 1, the outdated colours will disappear from our standard range – time for a refresh!
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Smart and heavy tool storage for demanding environments like workshops and industries

Do you feel the need to update your storage solution to optimize both space and efficiency? When designing a modern industrial workplace, there are many aspects to consider and strive for. The workplace should be planned and create opportunities for higher safety, better ergonomics, and increased profitability. In our range at WFI, you will find several flexible solutions to achieve this. The latest addition is our powerful compact compartment that creates a smart and flexible storage space for tools and other gear. The perfect fit for the industrial workplace!
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Sturdy and complete workbench for assembly and workshop work

We welcome a new type of complete workbench to our range! A powerful, stable, and simple workbench for lots of different areas of use. Thanks to the solid table top of 40 mm and its load capacity of 500 kg, the table fits perfectly for everything from crafts and carpentry to assembly and workshop work. The workbench is equipped with a lower shelf and perforated panel in the back, which creates a good storage solution for tools and other gear. A good, and affordable, all-round table for workplaces, industries, and workshops!
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Product developer and designer Charlie Styrbjörn gives his thoughts about the project

This is how our new workstation line was created

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