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Efficient workplace solutions for industry and warehouses

WFI develops and sells workplace solutions that improve the flow and success of companies. By providing a concept of workstation solutions with a focus on industrial and warehouse benches, we help companies create more efficient flows, pack more packages and handle more goods. Simply work smarter!

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Ergonomic height adjustable tilting table for assembly work

Assembly work that requires different heights, angles, and working positions? We are introducing a new addition to our motorized workbenches, a tilting table. Our new tilting table is based on our premium bench W400, has a load capacity of 400 kg, and is height adjustable motorized.
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Easier mounting with our assembly videos

In connection with the relaunch of our new motorized workbenches, W300 and W400, we are introducing a completely new type of content on our products. Assembly videos where you can follow the mounting instructions step by step visually. Simple, accessible, and smart. We currently have associated assembly videos on our motorized workbenches W90, W200, W300, and W400, including a video for mounting of superstructure and accessories. Press play and mount easier with us!
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Stable lifting columns with high load capacity (up to 10000N)

Now we can offer an even wider range of lifting columns for all industries and workplaces! The range is based on a carefully selected standard assortment of lifting columns that can be order straight away, but we can also create tailormade solutions with all the adjustments that you need. All variants are stable, quiet, and maintenance-free.
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One of the most important things for us was the ability to raise and lower the workstations. In many of our cells, the operator must shift between a standing and sitting position at each rotation. Therefore, that feature was a key requirement from our side. The tables that we have implemented together with WFI are easy to adjust, which has increased both ergonomics and flexibility.

Malin Sundqvist, Lean Leader 3M
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Henrik, founder and head of technology: “Since we started WFI in 2004, growth has always been our driving force”

From two persons to a company with 25 employees. That is the short version of what has happened in the last, almost, 20 years. The whole journey does of course hold more to the story. In 2004, Henrik Johansson and Johan Svensson founded WFI AB, and initially rented a space of 100 m2 at a sheet metal supplier in Gnosjö. After about six months, they moved to Lidängsvägen 5 where the business is still running up to date, in a building that has been extended three times since then. WFI has expanded continuously together with both customers and products – and growth has always been the driving force.
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