How to ESD secure the workplace

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Wristbands are important to dissing power

The right surface layer and the right accessories ensure your ESD environment

Our workbenches and assembly tables have a special surface layer with semiconductor paint that diverts power and prevents charges from building up in the material. To further secure the environment and avoid both electronic damage and discomfort, it is important that the person handling the components uses a wristband and stands on a rubberized mat. Two key factors that diverts the power. Our workplace mats are connected to soil using connection cables and earth connection systems.

ESD workbenches


Customized ESD workflow developed from a LEAN perspective

3M is a company that constantly works for and looks towards the future. With wholehearted investment in innovation, development, and efficiency. The company is located at different places around the world, including Värnamo in Sweden where research and certain manufacturing takes place. When the production in the small town wanted to take a new approach to LEAN adapting their ESD workplace, we got the chance to design the solution. The result? A successful project with clear benefits on both efficiency and ergonomics.
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ESD safe your workplace before an accident occurs

Essential to review the work environment before the accident occurs

With the help of the right equipment, it is possible to avoid permanent and latent damage that can be caused by a lack of ESD security. Securing the environment and investing in the right ESD products provides better product quality, reduced production interruptions, fewer repairs, and lower service costs. It also creates a better working environment with less discomfort for the people handling the components. That is what we call working smarter.

Your future ESD workplace?

We look forward to creating an optimal and a unique ESD workplace just for you! Curious about what it might look like? Look at the video!
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