Welding Table Manual 1600x800

Article number: 1-438

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Product information - Welding Table Manual 1600x800

Sturdy welding table for industries and workshops. The welding table is based on leg stands and a 12 mm directional steel plate with 28 mm holes for clamps, the hole pattern is 100 mm cc. The table is manually height adjustable with a minimum height of 710 mm and a highest hight of 990 mm. It can be supplemented with our standard accessories as perforated panels and shelves by mounting of table suspension and perforated uprights, see more pictures for example. A perfect option for welding workplaces that are looking for a manual and stable welding table with steel plate. 

Load capacity 400 kg.

Specification - Welding Table Manual 1600x800

Article number: 1-438
Width: 1600 mm
Depth: 800 mm
Height: 710-990 mm
Load capacity: 400 kg