Our standard range changes colour!

New colours, updated design, and improved function. During the past year, our products have gone through a facelift, as we have renewed both appearance and the ease of use. The most distinctive change is that our entire standard range changes colour to three new shades. A sophisticated blue colour and two new fresh shades of grey. These will from now on take place as standard, and in the meantime our old colours will be phased out. On September 1, the outdated colours will disappear from our standard range – time for a refresh!

NEW COLOUR: Dark grey NCS 6502 B

Clean and timeless dark grey shade. Constitutes the base of our products in the form of frames, superstructure, and other vertical, as well as partially horizontal parts. All our accessories come in this darker grey. It replaces our old grey (RAL 7037).

NEW COLOUR: Light grey RAL 7035

Fresh and soft light grey shade. Horizontal parts of the frame on the table come in this light grey colour. Also, some selected accessories such as label holders and dividers. Replaces our old grey (RAL 7037).


A little bit more sophisticated. Easier to match with other colours. Our new blur shade come in details such as drawers and perforated panels, fits perfectly at a modern industrial workplace! Replaces our old blue (RAL 5005).

You are warmly welcome to contact us if you have any questions or to order colour samples!

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