Unique workstation series for industry and warehouse

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Product developer and designer Charlie Styrbjörn gives his thoughts about the project

This is how our new workstation line was created

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To facilitate your choice of workstation, we have developed a guide where you can easily compare our different models of work benches What is most important for your business, what requirements do you put on comfort and flexibility? In the guide you can easily compare functions between our different tables, see sizes, what drawer units that suits your choice of workstation, and what products and accessories the workstation can be supplemented with.
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Now you mount the suspensions more easily and quickly with our new mounting kit.

Easier mounting of columns

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WFI develops and sells workplace solutions that improve the flow and success of companies. By providing a concept of workstation solutions with a focus on industrial and warehouse benches, we help companies create more efficient flows, pack more packages and handle more goods. Simply work smarter!