Smart and heavy tool storage for demanding environments like workshops and industries

Do you feel the need to update your storage solution to optimize both space and efficiency? When designing a modern industrial workplace, there are many aspects to consider and strive for. The workplace should be planned and create opportunities for higher safety, better ergonomics, and increased profitability. In our range at WFI, you will find several flexible solutions to achieve this. The latest addition is our powerful compact compartment that creates a smart and flexible storage space for tools and other gear. The perfect fit for the industrial workplace!
Maximize the suspension with external panels

Equip our compact compartment with extra cassettes, perforated side panel, or a shelf cassette

The compact compartment is ordered as a standard either including three double sided cassettes or including three double sided cassettes and three external panels. The cassettes have a maximum load of 170 kg, are equipped with ball-bearing trolleys for easy handling, and fully extendable. The entire surface can therefore be used for storage. Our compact compartments can be supplemented with additional cassettes, perforated panels for external suspension, or a shelf cassette.
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Smart storage

New accessory: shelf cassette!

The shelf cassette consists of four drawers that can be placed at any height with 150 mm intervals – a smart solution for smaller parts that cannot be hung on the perforated surface. Also useful for bottles, cans, and other supplies. Maximum load of the shelf cassette is 200 kg distributed weight.
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