We are upgrading our motorized workbenches!

A more stable stand and increased load capacity, the same seamless height adjustment and smart opportunities for superstructure. We are relaunching two of our best-selling motorized workbenches, when W250 becomes W300 and W375 becomes W400. Our new tables are based on a table stand made of lacquered steel, which has been developed from our previous W375 model, but upgraded with higher load capacity. Both tables are sturdy and stable, and fits just as good for demanding industrial environments as smart logistics flows.
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Packing stations and smart logistics flows with W300

Start with W300 to create a smart logistics flow! Here we have added packing shelves with shelf dividers, a perforated tool panel, and a flexible arm for screen and keyboard. In addition, a couple of smart accessories such as plastic bins, water bottle holder, label holder, and roll holder. What functions do you need at your workstation?
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Sturdy workstations for industrial environments with W400

Start with W400 to create a stable workstation! Here we have added shelves, perforated tool panels, suspension rails, and a lower shelf for storage. In addition to that, a couple of extra details such as plastic bins, tool hooks, and a balance block. Which type of storage and suspension possibilities do you need at your workplace?
All complete W400 tables!

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