Emergency Hospital in Stockholm hired WFI

During the renovation and extension of the hospital, there was a need for a larger number of examination tables. The product had specific requirements in the form of high weight-load to be able to handle advanced monitor screens that could be angled and adjusted in different positions and follow the table’s motorized height adjustment. The hospital requested that the tabletop should be able to be angled motorized to a maximum of 8 degrees without affecting or changing the position of the screens.

The information examined at the tables are done with incredible accuracy, therefore the tabletop was made in matte, non-reflective, laminate and the screens would be limited for reflections. The color choice was made according to the desire to create a calm and delimiting work environment.


The customer demanded that the table should be completely insensitive to movement and load on the front edge of the table, while there should be no frame under the front edge of the tabletop that could interfere with the operator in use.

The tables are now installed and used daily; they are an essential part of the operation at the hospital. All tables can be specially adapted with different accessories like side-screens, USB-sockets, lightning, and backscreens, depending on what work to be performed in the different departments at the hospital.

The customer is impressed by the stability and quality of the tables that was delivered by us at WFI.

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