WFI developed a unique solution!

WFI developed a unique packing table with an integrated tape machine.

A customer in the logistics industry was requesting the opportunity to be able to adjust the height of a tape machine that is usually floor standing. The customer also wanted to integrate this into an ergonomic packing table and be able to adjust the height without the risk of crushing.
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WFI created customized table for emergency hospital

Emergency Hospital in Stockholm hired WFI

During the renovation and extension of the hospital there was a need for a larger amount of examination tables. The product had specific requirements in the form of high weight load to be able to handle advanced monitor screens that could be angled and adjusted in different positions...
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WFI fixed an efficient packing flow

Integrated packing flow for expansive e-commerce

Dormy Golf were looking for what they described as “A workstation to make e-commerce as efficient as possible”. It would be ergonomic with height-adjustable workbenches, iPads at the right height and an integrated solution for air seals in the packing flow...
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