WFI developed a unique packing table with an integrated tape machine

A customer in the logistics industry was requesting the opportunity to be able to adjust the height of a tape machine that is usually floor standing. The customer also wanted to integrate this into an ergonomic packing table and be able to adjust the height without the risk of crushing.

The customer's demands were clear from the start, they wanted a complete solution - an ergonomic packing table with a tape machine where workers could adjust the height of the table according to their length, the risk of crushing should be minimized, and the work should be more efficient. The packing table should be able to be placed in a transport line and the packages should be moved easily. The solution was a unique ergonomic packing table with an integrated tape machine and scale, the station can be raised and lowered with just a push of a button. The function that WFI placed between the fixed point and the conveyor belt minimize the risk of crushing as the entire station moves in sync during height adjustment.



- We wanted to avoid placing two tables next to each other as this can increse the risk of crushing during height adjustment. The challange for us was to make the joint move without leaving too much space where the carton risks falling in between. The solution allowed the customer to adjust the height of the entire packing table, including the tape machine and conveyor belt, with a single push of a button, says Thomas Lüddeckens, design engineer at WFI. 

The scale is placed in the tabletop, which means that the worker avoids unnecessary lifting and can easily weigh the package before it is taped in the tape machine and carried further out on the conveyor belt. 

- We were able to give the customer a solution they have never seen before. We managed to create a unique ergonomic packing table that met all requirements from our customer, says Per-Johan Nilsson, salesman at WFI. 



See the final result here.

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