Invest in the right ESD products and secure your work environment

At industries and workplaces, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that ESD sensitive products are handled in a secured environment. This applies not only to the electronics industry, but also in other industries and technical environments, as the amount of electronics increases in products in general. Today’s electronics are also increasingly damaged by static electricity and in the event of an electrical discharge, a component may stop working directly or stop working later, a so-called latent damage. Static electricity cannot be prevented, but it is possible to reduce the risk of ESD damage. By educating your employees and ensuring that your work environment have special areas for handling ESD sensitive products, also known as EPA areas.

Our workbenches and assembly tables have a special surface layer with semiconductor paint that diverts power and prevents charges from building up in the material. The paint is developed mainly for workplaces in the electronics industry where static electricity usually is a problem. It forms a layer with important mechanical properties, such as abrasion resistance, elasticity, and good resistance to chemicals and grease. The powder coat is made of a semiconducting epoxy polyester powder and meets the requirements for SP-Method 2472.

To further secure the environment and avoid both electronic damage and discomfort, it is important that the person handling the components uses a wristband and stands on a rubberized mat. Two key factors that diverts the power. Our workplace mats are connected to soil using connection cables and earth connection systems. With the help of the right equipment, it is possible to avoid permanent and latent damage that can be caused by a lack of ESD security. Securing the environment and investing in the right ESD products provides better product quality, reduced production interruptions, fewer repairs, and lower service costs. It also creates a better working environment with less discomfort for the people handling the components. That is what we call working smarter. Read more about ESD here! 

In our ESD range, you will find ESD workbenches with a special surface layer, accessories to the tables, and ESD equipment.