Integrate lifting columns in the workstation, table or fixture

Lifting columns make it possible to create custom workstations that provide a good ergonomic work environment for the operator. The ability to adjust the height of the work object minimises the risks of work-related injuries and makes it easier when several different people share the same workstation.
The lifting columns are stable, silent and maintenance-free. They can be integrated into different solution types and they can be used for benches, fixtures or other types of workstations.

All lifting columns in our range have slide bearings and are maintenance-free. The telescope is made of naturally anodised aluminium, which is fully recyclable, and the lifting column's large slide bearings provide maximum stability. The lifting columns are available as 2-sectioned and 3-sectioned columns and are designed to accommodate uneven loads. They can be powered electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically or mechanically.