Tilting skips and tipping boxes for smarter waste management

We offer tilting skips in several different models, grades and sizes for efficient material handling. It is possible to supplement several of our tilting skips with lids, spacers or wheels.

To know which tilting skip to choose, it is good to know what type of goods you intend to handle in each tipping container. Different models are adapted for different types of goods. Although the volume is the same for two different tipping containers, the load capacity between them can differ, which depends, among other things, on the material thickness of the tipping container. We have two variants on our tilting skips: standard and basic. Basic is best suited for lighter types of waste / sorting such as packaging, cardboard / well or plastic, while Standard is better suited for scrap metal and wood waste.

Complementing your tilting skip with a flat lid makes waste that usually swell more easily held in place while a high lid allows you to further maximize the volume of the container. Our high lids are openable from both directions for easier handling.

At WFI we want others to work smarter and therefore we offer our standard tilting skip in several different colours so that companies can directly facilitate their source sorting. Colours available in addition to blue are grey, green, red and orange. These colours are also available on our labels / decals for waste containers. Grey stands for metal, green for glass, red for environmentally hazardous goods and orange for combustible waste.