Suspension Kit with C-rail 900+900mm

<p>Maximum load: 10 kg&nbsp;</p>

Article number: 3-604-136

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Product information - Suspension Kit with C-rail 900+900mm

Suspension used to be able to use C-profile over the table, for example for suspension trolley or lighting. The package includes fixed arms, C-profile rail and lighting ramp. The suspension kit is suitable for suspensions 2x900 mm. When buying lighting, there is also a frosted acrylic as a lens hood. It is also possible to complement with an additional C-profile rail.

Specification - Suspension Kit with C-rail 900+900mm

Maximum load: 10 kg 

Article number: 3-604-136
Width: 1825 mm
Depth: 725 mm
Height: 250 mm
Material: Plate
Color: Grey
Color code: NCS S 6502B
Technical description:

Maximum load: 10 kg 


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