Lighting kit LED 900

Article number: 3-560-900

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Product information - Lighting kit LED 900

Lighting kit that includes energy efficient LED-lights with accessories for one 900-section. If you build more sections, add more kits. The strip can be installed on the lighting ramp or under shelves. The luminaire is equipped with mangnets, which makes it easy to attach to metal shelves. If an improved effect is desired, two strips can be mounted in a lighting ramp.


The lighting kit contains of: 

  • 4 strips with magnet attachment 
  • 1 four split cable 
  • 1 transformer with starting cord


Product information: 

  • 12V, 9,6W/meter
  • 4200K
  • IP43 classified
  • Life span 50 000 hours

Specification - Lighting kit LED 900

Article number: 3-560-900