As our customer, supplier, or customer/supplier representative here at WFI AB, you have the right to know what kind of personal data we collect, how it is used, how long it is stored, and how to request that your data be deleted or changed. We are GDPR compliant, and you can find more information about our privacy policy and GDPR policy below.

Customers in B2B markets, of course, consist of companies, but their business relationships are managed by individual people. You provide your personal details when you shop here, in your capacity as a company representative. Hence, the designations customer/supplier and representative are used below, since a customer may be an individual as well as a company representative.

Personal Data Controller Organisation:

Lidängsvägen 5
335 32 Gnosjö 556663-2567

Why do we store your personal data?

We use your personal data to live up to our commitments and obligations toward you as our customer/supplier or customer/supplier representative. Our intention is to not use any other personal details than is required for the intended purpose, and we always aim to use the least sensitive details.

When you register with us as a customer or customer/supplier representative, and when you shop here, your contact details are automatically stored in our business system. If you place an order via our e-commerce platform, your details will be stored there, as well. We also store your personal data to provide access to our e-commerce platform when you register for an account/logon details.

Additionally, your personal data is also used when mailing or emailing marketing materials. We always base this process on careful consideration of various interests, or your consent as a customer/representative. Naturally, you can choose not to receive marketing materials, and we will immediately respect your wish and remove your details from our email module. The marketing materials are generally about our products, events, activities and campaigns. We also store personal data to follow up on requests (letters, email, chats, visits to fairs, or phone calls).

How does WFI collect your data?

We collect data on companies (customers/suppliers) and company representatives from the registry you fill out as our customer or supplier. We also collect data when you subscribe to our newsletter, or when you submit your details via an online contact form on our website, by email, phone or letter. Our websites store IP addresses and ongoing activities on the website. Please also see, “How we use cookies”.

If you have been in contact with one of our sales representatives/purchasers, or visited us at a fair, we might have saved your data from that meeting. The data will then be linked to a particular request, agreement, quotation, etc., and will only be processed by relevant individuals within our sales and marketing organization.

What kind of personal data does WFI store?

We only process personal data when there are legal grounds for doing so, when consent has been provided, or following a weighing of interests.

Some examples of the personal data we store:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Title
  • IP address

How does WFI store and process your data?

All our data is safely processed and stored in a secure IT environment. Our security systems are designed with your privacy in mind, and provide very strong protection against intrusion, spoilage, and other events that could pose a risk to your privacy.

You are entitled to request a report of all systems used to process your data. If you wish to do so, please contact us at: You also have the right to change incorrect details – if you wish to do so please contact WFI at: Please see the subsequent section on your rights.

Will the data be processed by a third party?

We guarantee that, except for the personal data processor(s) who manage our e-commerce solution, business systems and data security, no personal data ever leaves our organisation. This is regulated under processing agreements. Sometimes, it may be necessary to send data to third parties to provide customer support, such as emails containing screen dumps when troubleshooting. The data is deleted as soon as the case has been closed, both by WFI and the personal data processor.

Our websites use tracking services and Google Analytics, further reading under:

“How we use cookies”.

Neither will your data be sent to any other country or international organisation.

How long does WFI store your data?

Company-related personal data are stored as long as legally required; otherwise, they are deleted two years after the most recent purchase, unless we assess that the customer has an interest in remaining in our registry. Personal details linked to quotations, orders, purchases, receipts or invoices cannot be deleted from our business system. However, we are able to anonymize personal details in those cases. Our e-commerce system allows details to be deleted, in compliance with the GDPR.

WFI Customers/Suppliers/Representatives are entitled to:

  • Request a report of all their personal data stored by WFI.
  • Request that incorrect details be amended.
  • Request that their data be deleted or anonymized (provided that WFI does not have the right to retain the data based on other legal grounds).
  • Revoke, at any time, any previously provided consent to the processing of your data. For example, your consent to receive marketing materials via email.


How we use cookies

We use cookies to collect information as you navigate our websites. The information collected consists of standard information gathered from your browser; e.g., type of browser, language, IP address, your activities on the company’s websites, websites you visit and links you click on.

This information is used to make websites more efficient, to provide their owners with company and marketing information, collect data on browser, operating system, referral page, website navigation, the Internet service provider’s domain, etc., thereby providing the website owner with knowledge of how visitors use their website. Cookies and other similar technology help us tailor our website to your personal needs, and help us discover and prevent any potential security threats or abuse. The cookies do not identify you personally.

If you wish to revoke your consent to accepting cookies on our websites, you can deactivate them using the function in your browser.

Tracking: To improve customer experience for our website visitors, we use Google Analytics tools, such as Tag Manager and Google Search Console. This allows us to analyse aggregate data, e.g. our visitors’ browsing or click habits, to determine which pages generates the best results. WFI does not use any individually identifiable data when using these marketing tools. We use Google Analytics as a third party supplier: Privacy Policy.