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Wide range of manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic lifting columns

All lifting columns in our range have slide bearings and are maintenance-free. The telescope is made of naturally anodised aluminium, which is fully recyclable, and the lifting column's large slide bearings provide maximum stability. The lifting columns are available as 2-sectioned and 3-sectioned columns and are designed to accommodate uneven loads. They can be powered electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically or mechanically. Choose the column that best suits your solution, depending on speed, stroke length, operating voltage and size requirements. Choose between a single column or combining several columns in one parallel system. Up to four motorised and hydraulic columns can be combined in one system.
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There are good opportunities to integrate lifting columns in different forms of solutions and they can be used for tables, fixtures or other workstations. In combination with our solutions for rotation, angling or tilting, the areas of use increase further.

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